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Administrative boundaries for the province of Ontario.

Available Themes: 


A Digital Map of Ontario theme layer illustrating the Province of Ontario


A Digital Map of Ontario theme layer depicting counties within Ontario.

Geographic Township:

A Geographic Township is a polygon feature that indicates the fundamental land subdivision fabric of the Province. Each Geographic Township area may or may not be the same as the jurisdictional area of the township.


A Concession is a polygon feature that identifies a major subdivision of a geographic township. A Concession is composed of contiguous lots.


A Lot is a polygon feature that identifies a surveyed area that is a portion of a Concession within a Geographic Township. This information was captured digitally through the Ontario Base Mapping Program.

Indian Reserve:

Official Indian Reserve boundaries for the Province of Ontario as defined by the Legal Surveys Division of Natural Resources Canada. Does not include settlements or communities that have not been officially registered as reserves.

Unorganized area:

The Unorganised Area data set is an index in which the geographic extent covers mostly unsurveyed territory. The geographic areas within the index are based on a grid of 7.5 ' latitude by 15' longitude. Each area consists of a G-Plan number and/or an area name (based on MNR' s G-Plans).



Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

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Carleton University students, faculty and staff


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