Text or email for 'Quiet'

We have a new service to help you get a little quiet.  Now you can let us know about issues that may prevent you from studying effectively from anywhere in the library.

Alert us by text or email to quiet@library.carleton.ca, and we will send someone to respond right away.  Read more about the Quiet, Please! service.

Earth Hour 2011

Once again, the Library observed Earth Hour this year on Saturday March 26 from 8:30pm to 9:30pm.  Thanks to everyone involved, it was another success story, with a 12% energy reduction being recorded at the library building.

We turned off lights on all floors, as well as all computers and photocopiers not in use. Emergency lighting was on at all times, and staff were on duty to assist anyone that needed help.  Normal lighting and computer operation resumed at 9:30pm.

Tell your friends about Earth Hour!