Keyword Searching

Database searching is NOT like Google!  Most do not support natural language searching.  You have to be precise in the words that you select.

Join concepts together using AND and OR.

Use AND when the concepts are not related such as globalization AND development. This
narrows the search as both of those words must be in the information that is being

Use OR when the concepts are similar, and it does not matter which word is
found in the information that is being returned.  For instance, climate OR environment. This broadens the search.

Use truncation when you want to allow for several spellings or variations on a
word. For instance, Canad* can stand for Canada, Canadian, Canadians...

Tip: If you wish to replace exactly 1 letter, use ? (question mark) rather than * (asterisk). Example: wom?n

Tip: Most complex search strings are evaluated left to right.  To make sure that you are grouping concepts together correctly, use