Welcome to the Subject Guide for Business with the United States at Carleton University Library.

Reference Materials: 

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and Handbooks:

Dictionary of Business and Management
Dictionary of Strategic Management
Dictionary of International Business Terms
Blackwell Handbook of Strategic management
Handbook of Strategy and Management
Glossary of Supply Chain Terminology

Foreign Countries' Business Intelligence on the U.S.:

Doing Business in the United States (Austrade)
New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
U.K. Trade and Investment - Marketing in the USA and Helping Your Business Thrive in the USA's Competitive Market Place

Canada/U.S. Trade Relationship:

CIMAR (Trade and Investment Barriers Database)
National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers (Office of the United States Trade Representative)
Trade: Public Policy & Statistics Subject Guide 

U.S. Competitiveness:

Global Competitiveness Report 2009/2010- Backfile available on 4th Floor, LIbrary HF1414.G560
World Competitiveness Online - Only available from an on campus computer.

U.S. Export/Business Promotion:

Overseas Private Investment Corporation
StatUSA Globus NTDB
Trade and Development Agency

U.S. Foreign Investment Promotion:

Location USA

U.S. Socio-Cultural Environment:

GMID: Global Market Information Database description of database
American Customer Satisfaction Index
Consumer reports
J.D. Power.Com
Surveys of Consumers
Other Market Research: Market Reports (FAITC) and Market Profiles (HEC Montreal. Centre for International Business Studies)
U.S. Negotiating Behavior
Country Insights (FAITC)
Online Cross Cultural Training Resources
International Business Etiquette Internet Sourcebook

U.S. Industry Environment:

Company and Industry Data:

TIP: Search NAICS 2007 to get the NAICS code for an industry

Mergent Online (includes Mergent Industry Reports)
Economic Census
FP Advisor
Hoover Company Reports via Lexis Nexis
Almanac of Business and Industrial Financial Ratios


Who owns Whom: North and South America
Inter-Corporate Ownership (CD-ROM)


Executives can be searched online in Mergent and Lexis Nexis.
Standard & Poor's Register of Corporations, Directors and Executives, United States and Canada

Market Share:

Market Share Reporter: An annual compilation of reported market share data on companies, products, and services 2008

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers (ThomasNet)


U.S. Economic Conditions:

EIU - Economist Intelligence Unit
Europa World Plus
Metromonitor: tracking economic recession and recovery in America's 100 largest met. areas
RGE Monitor
Bank of Montreal. Economic Research and Analysis
Royal Bank Capital Markets - Economics
Royal Bank Financial Group - Economics
Scotia Bank. Expert Research and Analysis
TD Bank Financial Group. TD Economics
OECD and Source OECD
Economic Report of the President

Government Information

Canada - Federal: 

Laws & Legislation


U.S. Political-Legal Environment:

Federal Register
Doing Business in...
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
Bureau of Industry and Security
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Copyright Office
Customs and Border Protection
CQ Weekly Report
Dept. of Agriculture
Fish and Wildlife Service
Food and Drug Administration
Foreign Lobbying Influence Tracker
Patent and Trademark Office
Policy File
Resource Shelf's DocuTicker
Small Business Administration

Tip: Industry and trade associations can monitor legislation/regulatory developments for their members - so one strategy is to look for an industry association either by consulting a resource such as Associations Unlimited or by doing a Google search such as clothing manufacturers associations.

In this case it leads to a listing one of which is Associations directory for the apparel and fashion industry.

From here there is a link to the American Apparel & Footwear Association - Note the link at the top to AAFA on the Issues