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Please note that a selection of print law reports and free electronic law reports is found under the "Archives and Primary Sources" tab (presently under revision).  Use the Library Catalogue as the main finding tool for print law reports.

Library Guide: 

Archives & Primary Sources

Primary Sources: 

Judgments of the Supreme Court of Canda: Decisions rendered by the Supreme Court of Canada since 1948; includes some decisions before 1948, and all decisions from Ontario and British Columbia back to 1876.

Laws & Legislation

Canada - Provincial: 

Other Provinces & Territories:


Please note that bills, debates, and other provincial parliamentary documents are usually available on legislative home pages.

Acts & Regulations

Acts and regulations for all provinces and territories are available through Westlaw and CanLII.  Check the Library catalogue for annual statutes not covered by the electronic versions.



United States:

Thomas: Legislation (bills, summaries and status, Public Laws), Congressional Record and Committee Information

FDsys:Federal Digital System: Congressional Bills, Congressional Record, Public and Private Laws, and United States Code and Popular Names Tables.

United States Code and help in searching the U.S. Code:

United States - State Law

United States - Municipal

Administrative Code of the City of New York: Scroll to the bottom of the list and click on ADC New York Administrative Code.

Other countries


New Zealand:

New Zealand Legislation

United Kingdom:



General Criminology:

Legal Research:

Best Guide to Canadian Legal Research:  excellent starting point for legal research , especially Canadian Law.






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