This guide provides links to primary and official sources for the study of international diplomacy particularly from a historical perspective. The general resources below are excellent starting points for research in this area.

General Resources

Government Information

Canada - Federal: 

  Canada. Dept. of External Affairs. Documents on Canadian External Relations
      v. 1 1908/18- : Call no. DDV CA1 EA .D51
      v. 12-v.27, 1946-1960: Online
  Canada. Dept. of External Affairs. Statements and speeches
       1946-1973 Call no. DDM CA1 EA5 .S77
       1973-1991 Call no. DDV CA1 EA5 .S77
  Canadian foreign policy 1955-1965: selected speeches and documents
      Floor 5 Call no.FC602.C38
  Canadian foreign policy 1966-1976: selected speeches and documents
      Floor 5 Call no. FC602.C382
  Canadian foreign policy, 1945-2000; major documents and speeches
      Floor 5 Call no. FC602.C3823
  Documents on Canadian foreign policy, 1917-1939
      Floor 5 Call no. FC542.R5



  Documents on Australian foreign policy
     v. 1-16 Call no. DDV AS1 FA 75.D51
  Documents on Australian foreign policy v. 1-20


  Oesterreichisch-Ungarischen document zum kriegsausbruch /
  Austro-Hungarian documents on the outbreak of war 1 july 1914 – 27 August 1914


  Documents diplomatiques belges 1920-1940
      v. 1-5,  Floor 5 Call no. DH403.V57


  Czechoslovakia. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. New documents on the history of Munich [1958]
      Call no. DDV CZ1 FA 58.N22


  France. Ministere des affaires etrangeres. Documents diplomatiques, 1914: la guerre europeenne, 1: pieces relatives aux negociations qui ont precede les declarations de  guerre de l'Allemagne a la Russe (1er aout 1914) et a la France (3 aout 1914) declaration du 4 septembre 1914. [1914]
      Call no. DDV FR1 AE 14.D531
  France. Ministere des affaires etrangeres. Documents diplomatiques, 1938-1939: pieces relatives aux evenements et aux negociations qui ont precede l’ouverture des  hostilities entre l’Allemagne d’une part, la Pologne, la Grande-Bretagne et la France d’autre part [1939]
      Call no. DDV FR1 AE 39.D52
  France. Ministere des affaires etrangers. Documents diplomatiques francais 1871-1914.
      Series 1: 1871-1900, vols. 1-16; Series 2: 1901-1911, Vols. 1-14; Series 3: 1911-1914, Vols. 1-11.
      Call no. DDM FR1 AE .D52
  France. Ministere des affaires etrangers. Documents diplomatiques francais. 1915-1966.
      Library has: 1915; 1920/21; 1939/40; 1946/47
      Call no. DDV FR1 AE .D55
  France. Ministere des affaires etrangers. Documents diplomatiques francais 1932-1939.
      Series 1: 1932-1935, Vols. 1-13; Series 2: 1936-1939, Vols. 1-19.
      Call no. DDV FR1 AE .D54
  France. Ministere des affaires etrangeres. Documents diplomatiques francais sur l’Allemagne, 1920 = Franzoesische diplomatenberichte aus Deutschland, 1920 2 v.
     Floor 5 Call no.DC393.D63
  France. Ministere des affaires etrangeres. The French yellow book: diplomatic documents concerning the events and negotiations which preceded the opening of hostilities between Germany on the one hand, and Poland, Great Britain and France on the other (1938-1939)
    Also available in print: Call no. DDV FR1 AE 39.D521Z


  Germany. Auswaertiges Amt. Diplomatic correspondence between August 1, 1914 – April 6 1917
      Floor 5 Call no. D619.A4 1918
  Germany. Auswaertiges Amt. Documents relatifs a l’histoire des origins de la guerre [1939]
       Call no. DDV GD1 FA 39.D56
  Germany. Auswaertiges Amt. German Diplomatic Documents, 1871-1914. [1928-31]4 v.
      Floor 5 Call no. D394.G415
This work is based upon Die Grosse politik der Europaeischen kabinette, 1871-1914 [see below], and is a selection of those documents, which concern Great Britain. It contains not only the documents, but the German notes as well
       v. 1. Bismarck's relations with England, 1871-1890
       v. 2. From Bismarck's fall to 1898
       v. 3. The growing antagonism, 1898-1910
       v. 4. The descent to the abyss, 1911-1914
  Germany. Auswaertiges Amt. Die Grosse politik der Europaeischen kabinette, 1871-1914: Sammlung der diplomatischen Akten des Auswartigen Amtes, im Auftrage des Auswartigen Amtes. 4. Aufl. 40 vols. in 54.
      Storage Facility Call no. D394.G4

Germany. Auswaertiges Amt. Akten zur Deutschen auswartigen politik, 1918-1945.
(Series A, 1-14 vols.; Series B, vol. 1-21; Series C only in English translation below; Series D, vols. 1-10; Series E, vols. 1-8)
Library has only Series D (1937-1945)
Call nos:

  Bd. 1 GD1 FA 50.A521;
  Bd. 2 GD1 FA 50.A522
  Bd. 3 GD1 FA 50.A523
  Bd. 4 GA1 FA50.A524
  Bd. 5 GD1 FA 50.A525

See also the English translation of sections C and D under Documents on German Foreign Policy 1918-1945 below.

Germany. Auswaertiges Amt. Documents on German Foreign Policy 1918-1945. Series C (1933-1937) The Third Reich: first phase. 6 v.
[v. 1 Jan.-Oct. 1933.--v. 2 Oct. 1933-June 1934.--v. 3 June 1934-March 1935.--v. 4 April 1935-March 1936.--v. 5 March-Oct.1936.--v. 6 Nov. 1936-Nov. 1937.]
     Floor 2 Call no. DDV US1 S 57.D53

Germany. Auswaertiges Amt. Documents on German Foreign Policy, 1918-1945. Series D (1937-1945) 13 v.
[v. 1 From Neurath to Ribbentrop (Sept. 1937-Sept. 1938).--v. 2 Germany and Czechoslovakia 1937-1938.--v. 3 Germany and the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939.--v. 4 The aftermath of Munich, Oct. 1938-March 1939.--v. 5 Poland; The Balkans; Latin America; the smaller powers, June 1937-March 1939.--v. 6 The last months of peace, March-Aug. 1939.--v. 7 The last days of peace, Aug. 9-Sept. 3, 1939.--v. 8 The war years, Sept. 4, 1939-March 18, 1940.--v. 9 The war years, March 18-June 22, 1940.--v. 10 The war years, June 23-Aug. 31, 1940.--v. 11 The war years, Sept. 1, 1940-Jan. 31, 1941.--v. 12 The war years, Feb. 1-June 22, 1941.--v. 13 The war years, June 23-Dec. 11, 1941.--v. 14 Index
  Floor 2 Call no. DDV US1 S 57.D54

 Germany. Auswaertiges Amt. Outbreak of the world war: German documents collected by Karl Kautsky [1924]
       Floor 5 Call no. D505.G532
This is a Translation of Deutschen dokumente zum kriegsausbruch 1914
 Germany. Auswaertiges Amt. Polnische dokumente zur vorgeschichte des krieges [1940]
       Call no. DDV GD1 FA 40.P521
 Germany. Nationalversammlung. Official German documents relating to the world war; translated under the supervision of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Division of International Law. 2 v.
       Floor 5 Call no. D505.G55

 Germany (East). Ministerium fuer Auswaertige Angelegenheiten. Deutsch-Sowjetische beziehungen von den verhandlungen in Brest-Litowsk bis zum abschluss des Rapallovertrages [1967]
        Call no. DDV GE1 FA 67.D271
 Germany (East). Ministerium fuer Auswaertige Angelegenheiten. Dokumente zur aussenpolitik der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik bd. 17-33, 1969-1985
        Call no. DDV GE1 FA50 .D51

Great Britain

  British Diplomatic Oral History Programme (BDOHP)
Transcripts of interviews of former diplomats or other officials, who played a significant role in events bearing on international relations. Includes James Cross, who was kidnapped by the F.L.Q. in 1970.
  Historical papers: documents from the archives (Gt. Brit. Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
  British and foreign state papers. Vol. 1 (1812/14)-v. 166 (1961/62) issued by Great Britain. Foreign Office; v. 167 (1963/64)- v. 170 (1968) issued by Great Britain. Foreign   and Commonwealth Office.
       Call no. DDV UK1 FO .B62

Great Britain. Foreign Office. British Documents on the origins of the war, 1898-1914.- v. 1. The end of British isolation --The Anglo-Japanese alliance and the Franco-British entente -- v. 3. The testing of the entente, 1904-6 -- v. 4. The Anglo-Russian rapprochement, 1903-7 -- v. 5. The Near East: The Macedonian problem and the annexation of Bosnia, 1903-9 -- v. 6. Anglo-German tension: armaments and negotiation, 1907-12 -- v. 7. The Agadir crisis -- v. 8. Arbitration, neutrality and security -- v. 9. pt. 1. The Balkan wars: The prelude. The Tripoli war -- v. 9. pt. 2. The Balkan wars: The League and Turkey -- v. 10. pt. 1. The Near and Middle East on the eve of war -- v. 10. pt. 2. The last years of peace -- v. 11. The outbreak of war.
        Call no. DDV UK1 FO 27.B62

Great Britain. Foreign Office. British documents on foreign affairs: reports and papers from the Foreign Office Confidential Print.

  Series A: Russia, 1859-1914 6 v. DDV UK1 FO1 83.B621 A
  Series A: The Soviet Union, 1917-1939 17 v. DDV UK1 FO1 84.B622 A
  Series C: North America, 1919-1939 25 v. DDV UK1 FO1 86.B622 C
  Series C: North America, 1940-1945 5 v. DDV UK1 FO1 99.B622 C
  Series G: Africa, 1914-1939 30 v. DDV UK1 FO1 94.B622 G
  Series H: The First World War, 1914-1918 12 v.DDV UK1 FO1 89.B622 H
  Series I: The Paris Peace Conference of 1919 15 v. DDV UK1 FO1 89.B622 I
  Series J: The League of Nations, 1918-1941 10 v. DDV UK1 FO1 92.B622

Great Britain. Foreign Office. Documents on British foreign policy, 1919-1939.

  First series. 1919-1925, vols. 1--27 Call No. : DDV UK1 FO 47.D51;
  Series 1A. 1925-1930 , v. 1-7 Call No. : DDV UK1 FO 47.D511.
  Second series. 1929-1936, v. 1-21 Call No. : DDV UK1 FO 47.D52.
  Third series, 1938-1939, v. 1-10. Call No. : DDV UK1 FO 47.D53

Great Britain. Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Documents on British Policy Overseas. 1945-1970s. London: H.M.S.O., 1984- .

  Series I, Call No: DDV UK1 CO 84.D51
v. 1. Conference at Potsdam, July-August 1945 -- v. 2. Conferences and conversations 1945, London, Washington, and Moscow -- v. 3. Britain and America: negotiation of the United States loan, 3 August-7 December 1945 -- v. 4. Britain and America: atomic energy, bases, and food, 12 December 1945-31 July 1946 -- v. 5. Germany and Western Europe, 11 August-31 December, 1945 -- v. 6. Eastern Europe, August 1945 - April 1946
       Series II Call No: DDV UK1 CO 84.D52
v. 1. The Schuman Plan, the Council of Europe, and Western European integration, May 1950-December 1952 -- v. 2. The London Conferences, Anglo-American relations and Cold War strategy, January-June 1950 -- v. 3. German rearmament, September-December 1950 -- v. 4. Korea, June 1950-April 1951
        Series III, Call No: DDV UK1 CO 97.D51
v. 1. Britain and the Soviet Union, 1968-72 -- , v. 2. The Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, 1972-75 -- , v. 3. Détente in Europe, 1972-76.
 Great Britain. Foreign Office. Great Britain and the European crisis: correspondence, and statements in Parliament, together with an introductory narrative of events
     Call no. DDV UK1 FO 14.G61
 Great Britain. Foreign Office. The Affairs of Arabia, 1905-1906 2v.
     Call no. DDV UK1 FO1 71.A21
  Great Britain. Foreign Office. The Affairs of Kuwait, 1896-1905 2v.
     Call no. DDV UK1 FO1 71.A24
 Great Britain. Legation (Holy See). Anglo-Vatican relations, 1914-1939
     Floor 5 Call no. BX1493.A5
 Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Collected diplomatic documents relating to the outbreak of the European War. [Command paper Cd. 7860]. 1.List of principal persons mentioned.--2.British diplomatic correspondence.--3.French yellow book.--4.Russian orange book.--5.Belgian grey book. Appendix regarding Anglo-Belgian relations.--6.Serbian blue book. Appendix containing Signor Giolitti's speech of 5th December, 1914.--7. German white book. Appendix containing Dr. von Bethmann-Hollweg's speech of 4th August, 1914.--8. Austro-Hungarian red book. part 1 ,part 2 and part 3  --9.Documents published subsequently.--Index.
     Call no. DDV UK1 FO 14.G61
 Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Documents concerning German-Polish relations and the outbreak of hostilities between Great Britain and Germany 3rd September, 1939 [Cmd. 6106 1938/39] The British war blue book.


  The Dodecanese : the Long Road to Union with Greece : diplomatic documents from the Historical Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Researched & edited by Lena Divani, Photini Constantopoulou ; introduced by Theodoros Pangalos, Emmanouil Roukounas. Athens : Kastaniotis Editions, 1997. 358 p., ill., maps. Text in English, French, and Italian. Includes bibliographical references and index.
       Call no. DDV GR1 FA 97.D54


  Italy. Commissione per la pubblicazione dei documenti diplomatici. I documenti Diplomatici Italiani. Roma: Libreria dello Stato, 1952- Series 1 v. 1-4. v. 13; Series 2 v. 1-3, 21; Series 3 v. 1-4; Series 4 v. 12; Series 5 v.1, v.4; Series 6 v. 1; Series 7 v. 1-9; Series 8 v. 12, v. 13; Series 9 v. 1-5
      Call no. DDV IT1 AE30 52.D52

New Zealand

  New Zealand. Dept. of Internal Affairs. Historical Publications Branch. Documents on New Zealand external relations:
  v. 1 Australian-New Zealand Agreement 1944 Call no. DDV NJ1 IA25 72.D551
  v. 2 Surrender and occupation of Japan Call no. DDV NJ1 IA25 72.D552
  v. 3 ANZUS Pact and the Treaty of Peace with Japan Call no. DDV NJ1 IA25 72.D553


  Poland. Ambasada. Polish-Soviet relations, 1918-1943: official documents 1 v.
      Call no. DDV PL1 FA80 43.P57
  Poland. Embassy (Great Britain). Poland, Germany and European peace: official documents 1944-1948 [1948]
     Call no. DDV PL1 FA60 48.P53
  Poland. Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Official documents concerning Polish-German and Polish –Soviet relations 1933-1939 : the Polish white book [1940]
    Call no. DDV PL1 40.O22
  Sikorski Institute. Documents on Polish-Soviet relations, 1939-1945 1 v.
      Floor 5 Call no. DK418.5.R9A2

Russia (Soviet Union)

  Degras, Jane ed. Soviet documents on foreign policy 3v.
      Floor 4 Call no. JX1555.A2D4
  Russia. Ministerstvo inostrannykh del. Un livre noir, diplomatie d’avant-guerre d’apres les documents des archives russes, novembre 1910-juillet 1914 v. 1,2, v. 3 (4pts.)
      Floor 5 Call no. DK251.M3
  Soviet Union. Commission for the Publication of Diplomatic Documents. Correspondence between the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the U.S.S.R. and the Presidents of the U.S.A and the Prime Ministers of Great Britain during the great patriotic war of 1941-1945 2v.
Call no. DDV UD1 FA90 57.C51
  Soviet Union. Ministerstvo inostrannykh del. Sovetsko-bolgarskie otnosheniia 1944-1948 gg: dokumentyi I materially [1969]
Call no. DDV UD1 FA 69.S51
  Soviet Union. Ministerstvo inostrannykh del. Sovetsko-Chekhoslovatskie otnosheniia vo vremiia velikoi otechestvennoi voiny 1941-1945 [1960]
Call no. DDV UD1 FA 60.S51
  Soviet Union. Ministerstvo inostrannykh del. Sovetsko-Chekhoslovatskie otnosheniia 1945-1960 gg: dokumenty I materially
Call no. DDV UD1 FA 72.S51
  Soviet Union. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Soviet peace efforts on the eve of World War II (September 1938-August 1939) : documents and records 2 pts.
Call no. DDV UD1 FA 73.S56

United States

Department of State
Foreign Relations of the United States

“The Foreign Relations of the United States series presents the official documentary historical record of major U.S. foreign policy decisions and significant diplomatic activity. The series, which is produced by the State Department's Office of the Historian, began in 1861 and now comprises more than 350 individual volumes. The volumes published over the last two decades increasingly contain declassified records from all the foreign affairs agencies.

"Foreign Relations volumes contain documents from Presidential libraries, Departments of State and Defense, National Security Council, Central Intelligence Agency, Agency for International Development, and other foreign affairs agencies as well as the private papers of individuals involved in formulating U.S. foreign policy. In general, the editors choose documentation that illuminates policy formulation and major aspects and repercussions of its execution. Volumes published over the past few years have expanded the scope of the series in two important ways: first by including documents from a wider range of government agencies, particularly those involved with intelligence activity and covert actions, and second by including transcripts prepared from Presidential tape recordings.”

Early volumes in the series are arranged by region or special topic within chronological periods and each volume has an index. Since 1952, volumes have been organized chronologically according to Presidential administration and then further divided by geography and topic. 25 volumes cover the Kennedy administration (1961-1963), 34 cover the Johnson administration (1964-1968), and approximately 54 are scheduled for the Nixon and Ford administrations (1969-1976).

  For a list of published volumes, consult Foreign Relations Volumes: 1861 to Date.
  Selected volumes of The Foreign Relations Series from the Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon administrations are available on the web site of the Office of the Historian.
  Selected volumes from1861-1960 are available from the University of Wisconsin-Madison web site
  Carleton Library’s holdings: U.S. Dept. of State. Foreign Relations of the United States
  DDV US1 S .F55 (holdings incomplete, 1914-39),1940- (paper)
  DDM US1 S .F55 (holdings: 1861-1942) microcard
cumulative indexes: (holdings: 1861-99, 1900-18) (microcard) 1900-18, 1939-45 (paper)
  Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States
  DDV US1 S. F55 (<1914/20-1931/41>)
Other primary sources:

  The Department of State Bulletin was published from 1939 to 1989. Issues for vols.3 - 89, 1940-1989 are available on Floor 1 STO US1 S .B77 This title was continued by:
  The US Department of State dispatch 1990-99.
The Library has incomplete holdings, for vols. 1-5, 1990-1994 DDV US1 SA80 .D37
Issues from 1990-1999 are available electronically
  Electronic research collection (U.S. Dept. of State and the University of Illinois at Chicago) is responsible for electronically archiving documents produced by the State Dept. from 1990-1997
  Nazi-Soviet relations, 1939-1941: documents from the archives of the German Foreign Office [1948]
Also in print: Call no. DDV US1 S 48.N17
  Peace and war; United States foreign policy 1931-1941
Also in print: DDV US1 S .F55
  A decade of American foreign policy: basic documents, 1941-1949
Also in print: DDV US1 AF32 50.D21 t
  American foreign policy, basic documents, 1950-1955
Call no. DDV US1 S .A51
  American foreign policy: current documents, 1956-1967
Call no. DDV US1 S .A51
  American foreign policy: basic documents, 1977-1980
Call no. DDV US1 S .A513
  American foreign policy: current documents 1981-1991
Call no. DDV US1 S .A52
  American foreign policy: … supplement 1981-1983
Call no. DDM US1 S. A52 S
  American diplomacy: foreign service dispatches and periodic reports on United States foreign policy
  Diplomatic correspondence with Great Britain 1933-1945 (The FDR Library and Digital Archives). See also:
  The German diplomatic files
  The Vatican diplomatic files
  Documents on American foreign relations, 1938-1966, 1968-1970
      Floor 1 STO JX231.D6
      Issued as a companion to:
  United States in world affairs, 1931-1970