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Archives & Primary Sources

Primary Sources: 

Primary sources include items such as diaries, letters, correspondence as well as government documents, newspaper and magazine articles.  To find primary source material in the library do a KEYWORD search using terms such as diaries, letters, etc.

    e.g. sex* and history and (letter* or correspondence)

Other sources for primary sources include:

Searchable collection of images of posters and postcards. 

Includes primary source material about polygamy.

Searchable and browsable collection of primary materials such as diaries, magazines, correspondence, photographs etc.

Historical Newspapers

includes: New York Times (1851-2007), Wall Street Journal (1889-1993), Washington Post (1877-1994)

The Centre for Research Libraries (CRL) holds an extensive collection of newspapers in microform. Borrow from CRL through Interlibrary Loans.

The Lesbian and Gay Newsmedia Archive (LAGNA) houses over 200,000 cuttings taken from the non-gay press on all LGBT matters since the late Nineteenth Century.


The Kinsey Institute Gallery

Citing Primary Sources : Chicago Style (Library of Congress)



Hidden treasures in the world's public photography archives

    "A Summons to Comradeship": World War I and II Posters and Postcards (University of Minnesota)

Searchable collection of images of posters and postcards

    Women Working - Harvard University Open Collections Program

Searchable and browsable collection of primary materials which includes photographs.



Collection of streaming educational videos that cover a wide spectrum of disciplines. Contains both clips and full-length videos.

For video material at the Carleton Univeristy library, do a KEYWORD search in the library catalogue and limit "Material Type" to FILM/VIDEO. If you cannot find what you need search the following database:

If you wish to borrow a video listed in Watmedia please fill out our Interfilm Video Request form - do not submit requests directly to Watmedia.

See also:

Frameline’s mission is to strengthen the diverse lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and further its visibility by supporting and promoting a broad array of cultural representations and artistic expression in film, video and other media arts.

Sex education and sexual health videos.



General Interest

Contains about 25.300 titles of primary and secondary literature of the history of sexuality in Europe, the U.S. and Canada from 1700 to 2007/8. Also offers important titles of the sexual history of Antiquity and the Middle Ages, including non-Western societies.

gender Inn is a searchable database providing access to over 8,400 records pertaining to feminist theory, feminist literary criticism and gender studies focusing on English and American literature.

Contraception, Reproduction and Eugenics

Exists to promote public understanding of human heredity and to facilitate informed debate about the ethical issues raised by advances in reproductive technology.  It also publishes studies in the historical development of these topics.

Family and Childhood

Free downloads available.

Includes entries such as: The History of Polygamy and The New Polygamy

    United States Attorney's Office District of Utah - History

The legal history of polygamy in Utah.

See sections on Family in the Region and Seclusion of Women

Gay / Lesbian / Bisexual / Transgender / Queer

A collection of interviews with surviving members of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, New York.

Affiliated society of the American Historical Association

A Canadian registered charity.  Its mission is to create a national series of scholarships in gay and lesbian studies to:

    • advance research and education in human rights,
    • support and draw attention to merit among GLBTQQ people as fine role models
    • help create lasting and worthy legacies
    • build bridges of understanding among gay and lesbian people and other equality-seeking groups, and general society

Site to record and promote Gay History, Queer History, LGBT History with a Scottish slant.


Men and Masculinity


Searchable and browsable collection of primary materials such as diaries, magazines, correspondence, photographs etc.

Research and Lists

Same-Sex Marriage

Sexual Practices


Writing & Citing


    Carleton University. Department of History Essay Writing Guide
    Essaying the Past: How the Read, Write and Think about History
    Short Guide to Writing about History
    Writing History: A Guide for Students



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