Welcome to the Political Science subject guide at Carleton University.

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Select Journals: 

This is a list of suggested journals in the field of Political Science. Some of these publications are available only in print while others are available online or in print and electronic format.

American Journal of Political Science
American Politics Quarterly
Canadian Journal of Political Science
Canadian Parliamentary Review
Foreign Affairs
International Relations
International Security
Political Science Quarterly
World Politics


Archives & Primary Sources

Primary Sources: 

Government documents available via Carleton University Library

Consult the News Guide for details of news sources.

Tips for searching newspaper databases.
For current Canadian newspapers/news:

    Canadian Newsstand
    CBCA Complete: transcripts of CBC (TV and radio) and CTV (TV) news shows

For historical Canadian & other newspapers:

    The Globe and Mail: Canada's Heritage from 1844
    New York Times 1851-2005
    Toronto Star: Pages of the Past
    Times Digital Archive 1785-1985

For international sources:

    Roubini Global Economics excellent news monitorinig service
    World News Connection


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Writing & Citing

Style manual for Political science

Research & Writing Guides

Thomson-Nelson Guide to Research and Writing in Political Science.     JA86 .C43 2006
Political science research methods JA73 .J64 2012
The Political Science Student Writer's Manual.     JA86 .S39 2006
Politics on the Internet: A Student Guide. REF JA86.B83 2005 (online)
A Student's guide for Writing in Political Science REF JA86.M37
Writing in Political Science: A Practical Guide REF JA86.S36 2005
How to map arguments in political science JA71.P37 2007
Information skills: finding and using the right resources
The postgraduate research handbook : succeed with your MA, MPhil, EdD and PhD LB 2371.W576 2008
Student guide to research in the digital age : how to locate and evaluate information sources ZA3075.S74 2006
Your research project: how to manage it (online)
The essential guide : research writing across the disciplines LB2369.L399 2005

Citing Government Information

Citing Print and Electronic Resources

Citing Sources From Duke University. This guide provides examples of citations in APA, Chicago, MLA,and Turabian styles for both print and electronic resources.
Online! Citing Electronic Resources Provides guidelines for the citation of electronic resources in a variety of styles

How to write a literature review

    * How to write a literature review (Concordia University Libraries)
    * The literature review: a few tips on conducting it (U. of Toronto)
    * Literature reviews (University of N. Carolina, Chapel Hill)
    * Sample APA papers: Literature review (Midwestern State University reposting of document from Purdue's Online Writing Lab (OWL)
    Conducting research literature reviews : from the Internet to paper
    RSV Q180.55.M4 F56 2010
    Doing your literature review : traditional and systematic techniques
    H62 .J44 2011
    How to research
    Q180.55.M4 B59 2010 [chapter 4]
    Information skills : finding and using the right resources
    ZA3075 .G75 2010 [chapter 2]
    The literature review : a step-by-step guide for students
    RSV LB2369 .R525 2008
    Social research methods : qualitative and quantitative approaches
    HM571 .N48 2011 [chapter 5]
    Social work research and evaluation : foundations of evidence-based practice
    HV11 .S589 2011 [extensively covered in Part III]
    Student guide to research in the digital age : how to locate and evaluate information sources
    ZA3075 .S74 2006
    Systematic approaches to a successful literature review
    LB1047.3 .B6 2012
    Telling a research story: writing a literature review
    LB2389.F43 2009
    Writing literature reviews : a guide for students of the social and behavioral sciences
    RSV  H61.8 .G34 2006