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New to religious studies?  Scroll down to see key reference resources that will aid in beginning your research.  The encyclopedias and dictionaries listed below are scholarly works that will help you define your key terms, get an overview of the topics and issues within a field and lead you to further readings.  Doing a Literature Review?  Scroll down for links to tips and resources.  Use the Books tab at the top of the page for instructions on finding books, suggestions of introductory texts and locating book reviews. 

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Reference Materials: 

Key Resources

Oxford Reference Online Premium - includes over 100 dictionary, encyclopedias, and subject reference works published by Oxford University Press.  Search the entire collection or limit by specific subject area.
Routledge Online - two collections available, Routledge Religion Online and Routledge Politics and International Relations Online.  Includes encyclopedias, dictionaries and handbooks.






Literature Review

Guides to literature reviews from universities

Sample titles from Carleton's book collection:



Select Journals: 

Citation searching will help you identify important journals and articles.  The impact factor (IF) measures  the average number of citations to articles published in a journal. 

Use Journal Citation Reports to evaluate and compare the impact of scholarly journals.  While arts journals are not included in the JCR, data on key social science titles is available.

Use Citation Indexes to find if a particular author and/or paper has been cited by other authors.

Web of Science
       Select Cited Reference Search from top tool bar.
You have the article        
    "Public-life and hostility to religion"  Gedicks, FM  Virginia Law Review  Volume: 78   Issue: 3   Pages: 671-698   APR 1992

       Enter the author in cited author box
                Gedicks F*  (use surname, first initial and truncation symbol)          
       Retrieve abbreviation of journal name from list provided, and enter year of publication.  VA LAW REV 1992
       Deselect disciplines not relevant from listing under Citation Databases

From the list, select the article and click on Finish Search at the top of the list.
Results show the article has been cited 27 times - the most recent in  2013.
Note the option Create Alert to be notified of any future citings of this article.

       Select Author Search from menu bar.
        Enter author's name and affiliation if known.
                  Hemming P*
          Select displayed result.  On right hand side all published articles by the author will be listed.  Click on article for citing references.

Remember to see if an citing article has itself been cited.



Archives & Primary Sources

Primary Sources: 

To find a copy of a sacred text search by title in the Library's catalogue. Texts are arranged according to:
1) the language of translation
2) the version, i.e. a personal name, place name or phrase identifying the translator or translating body
3) the date of publication.

Koran. Arabic
Bible. O.T. Hebrew
Bible. English. New Revised Standard
Adi-Granth. English
Book of Mormon

Search by keyword to find secondary sources:
Koran and commentaries        
Bible and concordance           
Bible O.T. and commentaries    
Talmud and dictionaries


Sacred texts are often available online.
Internet Sacred Text Archive - searchable archive of texts and online books about religion, mythology and folklore. 
Sacred Texts - extensive list of sacred texts and resources, maintained by a librarian at the U. of Calgary.
BibleGateway -megasite for full text access to multiple languages and editions of the Bible.

Data & Statistics


Religion in Canada - data from the 2001 Census.
Guide to information on religion from Statistics Canada
The Global Religious Landscape from PewResearch
Statistics on Religion in the US - Religion and Life Project by PewResearch




We maintain a video collection of DVDs and VHS videotapes that support teaching and research at Carleton. Most DVD and VHS collections are located at Circulation Desk and some VHS tapes are housed in the Storage Facility.  You may borrow videos for viewing at home or in the library.   To book a video, click on the "Book this Title" button in the catalogue, or email myaccount@library.carleton.ca.

There are two viewing stations for DVD and VHS located on the 1st floor. DVD's may also be viewed at regular computer workstations.
Headphones may be borrowed from the Library Services Desk for use at the video viewing stations.

We also have online collections of movies.   To find videos in our collection do keyword search, and limit the Material Type to Video.

A few sample titles:

What Americans Do and Don't Know About Religion
Religion as a window on culture
Pop Goes Islam
Religions of the book: women serving religion

News Sources   fdafd

Keep up to date on current issues by using our News sources.
In particular, 


Writing & Citing

Cite my Sources by style type (APA, MLA, Turabian, etc.)
     Chicago manual of style online 
Write a book review (Queen's University)
Write a literature review (Portland State University)
Write an annotated bibliography (Memorial University)

Managing your citations

RefWorks is an online research management and writing tool that is designed to help students and researchers easily gather, manage, store and share all types of information, as well as generate citations and bibliographies.

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