A good starting point for water research is the World's Water which is published every two years by Island Press. It provides both detailed analysis of the most significant trends and events and up-to-date data on water resources and their use.

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Water Data - from the World's Water

Water and Environmental Hub ( WEHUB) - is an open source web platform that aggregates, federates, and connects water data and information with users looking to download, analyze, model and interpret water and environmental-based information. By combining water expertise with an open web development approach and an entrepreneurial foundation, the project will spur economic diversification and benefit both public users and the private sector by improving the access to water data and tools for academia, government, industry, NGOs and the general public.

Ocean Data Portal - aims at providing seamless access to collections and inventories of marine data from the NODCs (National Oceanographic Data Centres) of the IODE network.



Proquest Illustrata: Natural Sciences - is a database of searchable tables, figures, graphs, charts, and other illustrations from the scholarly research and technical literature.


Use WATMEDIA to search approximately 50,000 film/video titles that are held by other Ontario universities and can be borrowed. You can also check out the library's video collection below.

Blue gold: world water wars

Ocean World

Open Ocean

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Making Sense in Geography and Environmental Sciences: a student's guide to research and writing REF G74.N67 2009