We now have a new online system, Ares, for library reserves.  Ares allows you to submit reserve requests to the library online, and manage all your reserves (physical and electronic) in one place.

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Get started by creating requests for the readings you want to put on reserve (see below for details).  Ares will displays status information for each individual request as they are processed by library staff.  Once they are processed, a message will indicate that the reading is available to your students, either as a link in Ares or as a short-term loan in the library.

Here are some other neat things you can do with Ares:

  • Activate Ares in cuLearn for more convienient access by you and your students.
  • Cross-list your readings with another course you're teaching.
  • Create tags for easy organization of your readings, for example "week 1", week 2", etc.
  • Review item usage to determine the number of times it's been accessed by your students.
  • Add a TA to assist you in placing materials on reserve for a particular course.

Creating Reserve Requests: Step-by-Step

  1. Login to Ares with your Carleton account.
  2. Verify the list of your active courses for the current and upcoming term.  Report any errors or missing courses to Library Reserves
  3. Select a course from the list  and review the course details located at the top of the page.
  4. Click "Add Reserve Items" under Instructor Course Tools located on the left hand side column.
  5. Choose one of forms that best applies to your material and fill in as much information as possible.
  6. Select the method in which the material will be supplied.
  7. Click "Submit Item".
  8. Repeat for all reserve requests.

Note: If you prefer, you can email your course reading list to Library Reserves and the reserve staff will enter the readings into Ares and ensure they comply with current copyright guidelines.